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Holden & Holden Designs has gained renown as one of the foremost exotic hardwood carousel-style designers in the United States, contributing over 4,000 hours of skilled hand carving to the craft each year. Robert W. Holden founded the carousel branch of Holden Wood Design of which he was co-founder and principal carver since 1971. Today, the company continues its focus on design and hand carving with rare and exotic hardwoods in the creation of carousel-style figures and multi-hardwood rocking animals throughout the United States and abroad.

Similar to the creation of the older, painted wooden carousel figures, pegging, dovetailing and overall precision joinery of head, torso, and limbs of each figure take place before the sculpting and carving process unfolds. This award winning technique has been refined to an unsurpassed art form and today, Holden & Holden Designs remains one of the premier carousel-style companies of its kind.

Carousel-Style Figures With or Without Trappings
Height 51 to 54 Inches
$17,000 to $65,000
Prices vary according to exotic woods used and number of detailed trappings.

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